5 important roles in project planning

Since making project plan is a collaborative effort, there are a lot of people who are involved in it.  Each role played has important contributions to the success and realization of the project plan .

There are 5 important roles in project planning.  Each had been described in details below.

1. Project Manager – He leads the project.  He assures that the project team is managed well for the completion of the project.  Together with the team, he develops the project plan and manages the performance of the team.  Since he is the leader and he takes a lot of responsibilities such as communication, project status reporting, risk management.  He assures that the project is delivered on time, in budget, and within scope.  Without a project manager, project plan would be difficult to materialize because there is no one to manage the group and to decide which project plan is best for the realization of the project.

2. The Project Team Members – They are responsible for executing tasks in the project plan and as directed by the project manager.  They are the movers and the resources of the project.  IN a certain project, team members may have different roles.  For computer software, they can be the analysts, programmers designers.  For construction, they can be the foreman, engineers, architects. For business, they can be the accountant, clerk, hr personnel.  Project team members are responsible for understanding the task assigned to them, completing the assigned task, and communicating the status of the task.

3. The Executive / Project Sponsor – He is the most powerful in the project planning because he is he boss.  He is the overall manager of the project.  He acts as the decision maker of the project.  He is responsible for the project funding, settles issues and scope changes, approves major deliverables and leads the whole team.  He holds the most important role in project planning because without the executive sponsor, no project plan will take place.

4. Users – These are the people who will benefit and use the deliverables of the project.  They also play a major role since the scope of the project depends on their needs.  They define the project plan requirements and may get involved in the testing process. They may also get involved even in the project planning stage because their needs would be catered.  They are the purpose of the project so the quality of the deliverables  should be based upon their necessities.

5.  Stakeholders – These are all groups within or outside the organization which can contribute with the outcome of the project.  These are the specific people or groups who have an interest, in the project.  Internal stakeholders may come from the company such as clients, employees, administrators, and others.  External stakeholders would be the suppliers, investors, community groups and government organizations.  Without the stakeholders, a project plan could not be carried out.

All of these people must work together for the project plan to be executed well.  If one of them will not function, project plan would not be materialized.